Dune32: Strike Back 

Real Time Strategy engine was a major remake of my Dune3 engine and designed to make it run under Windows95/NT without crashes with huge revamp of terrain engine to make it on par with C&C series. Work was done during busy exam time in May-July, 1997. At present time project is suspended since I feel devoting lots of time to will not pay me back... But anyway it was DONE in very SHORT time. It was not designed to run specifically under Win95, but since I rely very little on any OS functions it will be easy to change engine to DirectX paradigm. All you actually need is a pointer to the video memory and function to query/set video mode, no additional libraries required.

Currrently I use graphics ripped from Westwood Studious "C&C: Red Alert", if you have any problems with that then contact me.

Game supports ANY SVGA mode supported by your card (VESA 2.0), and the following screen-shots are in 640x480, 256 colours. It also supports VGA 320x200, but it sucks after you see real nice SVGA modes.

Speed is pretty good -- 40FPS (good Asm) on crowded places with lots of units/structures in 640x480 while real optimization for speed has not yet started. That's on my Notebook (slow!) P5-133 (non MMX), 32Mb RAM. My 32bit highly optimised for Pentium assembler routines ruled.

You can mention air units over other units, also ships and all stuff found in C&C.

Also real-time shadows from aircraft are it,

Everything is defined in external text *.DEF files thus enabling easy change of GFX/stuff.

Here is a few very preliminary screen-shots from the engine (click on each to gel bigger shot):

Shots are not fakes. These shots do not reflect transluscnt routines I added later which made shades real nice looking and could give lots of room to play with visual effects such as dynamic light sourcing (lightmaps, colored lights). The main assembler routines were implemented for that sort of tricks quite well.

Source release

As of 26/03/99 I decided to release all source code, enjoy. The last very buggy executable Dune32alpha3 (don't run it under Windows as it will most certainly crash) and the source dune32src.rar. Source is for Watcom C/C++ v10.0+. Bugs are in. Unfortunatly I've lost most stable build and this is the source as of May-June, 1997 development efforts. Don't judge too strict, I was a kid these days. Am I now? Hell no.

Thanks for viewing. See you.... in hell? No, somewhere in this world, which is apparently the same thing.

p.s. Still my Asm functions were very well done, way faster then those by Westwood.