DUNE 3: Back 2 Desert!

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This piece of work was developed almost many years ago: summer of 1995 before Warcraft2 and C&C have arrived. Now it may look old but anyway it is here as part of my history.

Additional disclaimer

This game was NOT created by Westwood Studious and is NOT a trademark of them. Do not call then for support ;). And it is NOT Dune2 files as is was 100% re-coded by me. Well, graphics of course has been ripped off, but who cares? you?


Features working NOW: What is NOT working: I am NOT going to continue this project as it was suspended almost 2 years ago. However if you want to finish it I will try to help with pleasure.

Hardware requirements:

Please note that it will NOT work properly under Windows 95/3.1x or OS/2.
It requires pure DOS to run! No memory managers needed as it is a 32bit DOS Extender application.
 Dune3 (415kb) just the game itself without odd games development stuff.




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